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Sometimes it’s Not About Biz Success

Sometimes it’s just about doing LIFE right.

Showing up as our most authentic confident selves, overcoming insecurities, learning to be vulnerable with ourselves and in our relationships, weeding through our own personal bullshit to figure out what we want in all these different aspects of life, and learning how to take care of ourselves in a way that integrates into our lives and doesn’t overtake it. That’s what I’m about. That’s what the Growth Tribe represents to me!

Gimme the Deets

Are you so over digging through blogs, books and online courses to find the shit that matters??

Are you sick and tired of tackling your growth alone?

Are you over all your bullshit excuses and ready for no-bullshit resources that are going to help you level up?

Yes, yes, and yes? We thought so.
That’s what inspired me to create My Monthly Membership site, Growth Tribe Monthly!

growth tribe monthly wILL HELP YOU…

IMAGINE HAVING one place THAT gives you…

+ Tangible tools from experts in all sorts of fields, without having to pay thousands of dollars and without spending hours reading

 Guidance for not only what to implement, but how to implement it! Because I feel you friend, and I get that the how is often the hardest part!

Engaging NEW video content monthly that teaches tangible, practical and actionable tools…cuz I know you don’t have time for bullshit!

The opportunity to have a say in what new content we cover and when we cover it…because it’s about what you want, not just what I think you need

All the personal growth in one place, not scattered all over the interwebs…including how to develop career clarity, set boundaries in your relationships, take back your health, get organized and productive AF, etc.

And of course, a community to support you in your growth! Cuz the tribe is what makes this different!

Hi! I’m Ellyn!

growth tribe monthly & the growth tribe podcast!

Before I was a world-traveling transformation coach, I was a burned-out doctoral student trapped in a lab + living a life that didn’t feel like mine. I was eager to please, desperate to make the fam proud, and scared to death of doing something with my life that didn’t use my degree or that would make me seem unfocused or ungrateful. Until I finally quit my program and freaked my fam the eff out when decided to be self-employed,  travel the world for a year and start a new biz while I was at it. Let’s just say, it’s been a hell of a few years!

Through it all, I’ve been ridiculously passionate about creating a life that I was f’ing passionate about. Because I know exactly what it’s like to feel the opposite. To feel burned out, frustrated and overwhelmed. I remember those feelings all too well and no one deserves to live like that. So now? I’m obsessed with helping you create a life you fucking love…and doing it on your terms! 

I founded Coach Ellyn and dove head first into coach life post-PhD and you know what? I’ll never look back. Because through intentionally using personal growth, my life has transformed. And it’s my mission to empower you to do the same. Because we should feel empowered to live our most unapologetically authentic lives. Where we’re following our own path, not someone else’s. A life on our terms. And I hope that I can empower you to live yours.

The Growth Tribe started as a personal growth + life transformation podcast. But it’s morphed into a movement…a movement of intentional, daily personal growth…and it’s my goal that Growth Tribe Monthly adds the next layer to that movement! Always remember…you are my tribe, and I’ll do everything in my power so we can grow together! together!

xo Ellyn
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