It’s time to

take back your life!

are you looking for more in your life, but aren’t sure how to get it? We thought so 😉

What’s the program about?

We spend our entire lives and so much of our money, time, and sanity learning how to be successful and proficient in our careers, but so little time asking 3 of the most important questions:

-Do I know who I am and what I want out of life?
-Do I have the confidence I need to get myself there?
-Do I have the systems, routines, etc. in place in my life to support my personal + professional goals?

You’ve probably asked yourself these questions. You’ve problem done some of the work to answer them. You’ve read some of the books, you’ve taken some of the courses. You’re tired of guessing and checking what books, online courses, YouTube videos and TEDTalks are going to the ones to finally flip the switch and move you forward. You’re tired of waiting through the white noise and redundancy. You just want to make changes.

Gimme the deets

Are you so over seemingly being the only one of your friends who doesn’t know what they want in their life?

Are you so over not doing the things you want out of fear of what people will think of you or whether they’ll support you?

Are you so over constantly falling off track with your goals, starting + stopping, and feeling like you can’t count on yourself to follow through with your commitments?

Yes, yes, and yes? We thought so.
That’s what inspired me to create the Life 101 Life Transformation program.

This program WILL HELP YOU…


+ Tools to show you where your life is out of balance + how to get your balance back
 Guidance to craft a vision for where your life is going to is inspiring AF + in line with your values
Empowerment to ditch that shitty inner monologue that is telling you why you can’t have something
And, of course, tools to set boundaries in your life around your time and your relationships
Tools to teach you how to find your motivation, because “I’m not a motivated person” is a freaking myth!
Tips for overcoming procrastination + overwhelm!
Systems to optimize your schedule, routines, and habits so that they work for you and support you in pursuing your goals!
And of course, a community to support you + personalized guidance from yours truly!

Hi! I’m Ellyn!

the take back your life program!

I created Life 101 because I know all too well what it’s like to be a person who isn’t in tune with themselves, who struggles with insecurity and self-confidence , and who doesn’t have any concept of how to manage their time to make their life happen on their terms and not someone elses. I’ve lived it and nobody deserves that!

I’ve done the work & found the content that will change your life so that you can spend your hard-earned money and precious time creating the life of your dreams!

During this one-of-a-kind program, I will walk you step-by-step through the 3 cornerstones of the Life 101 program. You’ll get access to everything from the in-depth Life Design workbook, the full 12-week online program, and so much more!

xo Ellyn

once you join, you’ll embark on the 3-step success path


Create Clarity

What do you want in life? What’s your bigger vision for your career, relationships, etc.? I know it seems hokey to talk about vision, but if you don’t know where you’re going in life, how can you know what actions to take to get yourself there? First, you need a map.


Pursuit of Confidence

When you ask so many women what one of their biggest challenges is in life, it’s confidence. And that’s why I’m dedicating a whole module of this course to confidence…because it’s about damn time we get the efffff out of our own way!


Take Back Your Time

You can have all the confidence in the world, all the clarity…but if you don’t have your time management and organization nailed down…you’re not going to go anywhere. This is the last piece. You just need to systems that enable you to do so.



  • A Life Design companion journal to be your guide and workbook through the entire program
  • bonus database chock full of activities that can help you level up the different areas of your life
  • Lifetime access
  • And so so sooooooo much more!


Gunther Oakey

Ellyn is a student and teacher of human potential. I started her program with a motley rumpus of ideas, hopes, frustrations, and aspirations. By the end, I had a plan, a timeline, and a clear sense of purpose that excited me. She listened, asked good/hard questions, and collaborated with me to shape ephemeral ideas and wishes into tangible objects I can work and play with. I look forward to learning more from her in the future.

Annie Jacobsen

It’s amazing how things come to you exactly when you need them, and you were exactly what I needed. You helped me take these huge, lofty, seemingly unattainable goals and break them into mini tasks. You also helped me learn how my productivity/creativity works and how I need to harness it when it strikes to make the most out of my time. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, or what I was truly hoping to gain, and it blew me away how valuable these 8 weeks were! I’m still reaping the benefits after we’re done, so worth the investment in yourself. Love you long time xx

Lauren Chapman

I’m so grateful for meeting Ellyn this year and doing coaching sessions with her. Not only is she very comfortable to talk to, but she also asks the hard-hitting questions to make you think. She helped me uncover a lot of things I’ve been passionate about over the years but have put aside for one reason or another. She also had amazing feedback on how to tackle some of the challenges I have been facing with determining the next steps in my career and what direction to head. I highly recommend working with her no matter what challenges you’re facing both professionally and personally!

Jessica Newfield

Besides being one of the most authentic humans I’ve ever met, Ellyn is terrific at her job as a coach. She’s helped me make my goals more tangible and provided me with the tools and resources to making them achievable in my day-to-day life. I always look forward to our 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

the 3 core pillars we focus on

First, you’ve gotta create clarity around what you want!

So many of us want this grander, bigger, more authentic life, but we don’t know what that means for us! We want the kick ass career that is simultaneously something we’re passionate about and that makes us a kick-ass living. Great! What does that look like for you? We want these incredible relationships, with our friends, our family and our significant other. Great! What is your vision in that area? It might seem hokey to talk about vision and what these things look like for you in your life, but if you don’t ask yourself these questions and get clarity on what you want, how can you possibly know what actions you need to take to get there? And trust me…it’s all about action.

Because it’s about damn time we got confident + got out of our own way!

Anybody who has ever tried to do anything in their life knows that a lack of confidence, self-doubt, etc. holds us back so much for really showing up for what we want. It held me back in graduate school in owning my intelligence and that I belonged in my program. It held me back in coaching and feeling like I was enough to help others. Friends, confidence hinders us! We know this! And that’s why I’m dedicating a whole module of this course to helping us build our confidence. Because it’s about damn time we got out of our way.

Cuz everything else doesn’t matter without time management!

How many times have you wanted something in your life…to get in better shape, to start a business, help to start dating, and caught yourself saying, “Ya, but I don’t have the time?” If there’s a common theme when I talk to people about any goal they’ve ever wanted for themselves, they don’t even start because they’re convinced that they don’t have the time. This is the last piece. Whether we’re a creative, a type A personality, etc. you NEED systems in your life to help you manage your time, make you more productive and make you more effective so that you can get your ass hustling toward what you want, without sacrificing your other commitments and obligations. Cuz it freaking is possible! You just need to systems that enable you to do so.

Here’s what you’ll get access to when you join the fun!

3 Program

life design academy


Total Value…$2685


while the total value exceeds $2500+, you can join for only $297!

You’ll love this if…
You’re over being overwhelmed + frustrated by your lack of direction and purpose in life
You’re just looking for something that can give you some semblance of balance, reprieve, joy and control in your life. 
You’re the person who wants so much more in your life + you’re ready to find what the next big step is for you!
You’re struggling with identifying “what’s next?” for you in your life, what is is going to make you feel like your achieving your highest potential and making a contribution to the world. 
+ You want to know WHAT that thing is and how to intentionally make effort in moving toward creating that thing. 
+ You’re in…all-in…100%…and you know that there’s big changes in store for you and you just want that extra guidance to make it happen!
+ You know what you’re doing, HOW you’re thinking and how you’re spending your time are holding you back and you need help to get over it.
+ You realize that you need to start focus all your energy toward creating the life that you’ve been dreaming about. No distractions!


"How do I know if this program is for me + if I'm ready for this program?"

Let me break it down for you by program type…

  • The self-guided option is for the person who feels overwhelmed, frustrated and burned out. Who just needs something, anything, for themselves! Who is just looking for something that can give them some semblance of BALANCE, reprieve, JOY and CONTROL in their life. That can bring the passion and fun into your life, relationship, etc.
  • The group program (available Feb 2019) is for the person who wants so much more in life and is ready to find what the next big step is for them! You know you could be doing MORE and that you’re MEANT to be doing more. You might be struggling with identifying “what’s next?” for you in your life, what is is going to make you feel like your achieving their highest potential and making a contribution to the world. You want to know WHAT that thing is and HOW to intentionally make effort in moving toward creating that thing. Note that there are only 10 spots available for this program.
  • The 1-on-1 program is for the person who knows they’re in for some major changes in their life + wants that extra help in figuring out how to make it happen. Maybe you have the lifestyle factors and maybe you have the clarity about EXACTLY WHAT you want. And you’re ready to make some PROFOUND CHANGES in your life. Maybe that’s a complete career change, a BIG move, picking up and traveling the world…The bottom line is that you KNOW what you want, but things keep coming up that are getting in the way of you getting those things. Maybe you’re struggling with the implementation! HOW do you get that thing? You’re the person that is recognizing that aspects of WHAT you’re doing, HOW you’re thinking and HOW you’re spending their time ARE HOLDING YOU BACK and you need help to get over them. Bottom line – you realize that you need to start FOCUSING all your energy toward creating the life that you’ve been DREAMING about. NO DISTRACTIONS! You have certainty. You have clarity.  You’re READY to pivot. To make serious changes. PERIOD.

Those are the 3 types of programs and if any of that resonates with you, trust me, you’re ready!

"I've done similar personal growth courses. Am I too advanced for this? Is it going to be worth it?"

Damn straight it is going to be worth it. This is actually something 3 of my former clients talked about on a recent podcast episode. But, just for me, I’ve gone back through all this content as I’ve put this program together and, no-bullshit, each and every time, I learn something new about myself and implement something new into my life.

"What exactly does the program cover? Can you break it down a little further what's in the specific modules?"

Yes…absolutely! In fact, I detailed all of this in the Highlights on my Instagram story, which you can watch here! But basically, here’s the rundown!

  • Module 1 is where we get things started. We’ll be talking about WHY you joined and what you want to get out of this course because ultimately we’ve gotta set that intention.
  • Module 2 is talking about Clarity in You. We’ll be talking personality types, values, honing your strengths, etc.
  • Module 3 covers Clarity in Your Life. We’ll break down where your life might be out of balance, what you can do to re-balance, as well as painting a picture for your ideal life, because if you don’t know where you’re going, how can you get there?
  • Module 4 covers Career Clarity. We’ll talk about why career is such a sticking point for so many people, what gets in the way of creating that kind of career, and ultimately how to find it.
  • Module 5 moves into confidence, starting off with defining confidence for ourselves, breaking down the 4 types of confidence, and breaking down some of the biggest confidence undermining behaviors that we all use in our lives.
  • Module 6 covers emotional confidence, is jam-packed with all the content,and covers some huge topics like limiting beliefs, authenticity, and worthiness and how to overcome these things in our own lives.
  • Module 7 covers physical confidence, tackling more big topics like body image, and ultimately how we can use our own physicality to improve our confidence on-demand.
  • Module 8 is all about confident relationships, how we can managing our relationships so that we know when to release the toxic ones and when to build up the strong ones, managing relationships with family, etc.
  • Module 9 covers a number of other confidence improving tools.
  • Module 10 kickstarts our time management series, talking all about health and it’s role in productivity, how to schedule + plan more effectively, and how to optimize your routines so they work FOR you.
  • Module 11 is another one that’s jam-packed and covers things like habitformation, goal setting and goal achievement, motivation and how to create motivation, and managing overwhelm and procrastination.
  • Module 12 brings all the previous weeks together, gives you daily behaviors to capitalize on all the things that we talk about and gives you tools and tricks to overcome plateaus.

"This all sounds great and I'm excited for you, but now's not a good time and I think I'm just going to wait until next time the program runs. When will that be?"

Totally legit! This program is only going to be run twice a year, in March and in October.

But, I want to ask you…do you have a real reason why you can’t make this work now? Or are you just waiting for “the right time”?

I promise never to bullshit you guys, and I’m keeping that promise RIGHT NOW. Because so often we wait for that infamous “right time”, that “someday” and it NEVER FREAKING COMES! Because it’s a fallacy. There’s no such thing. There will always be something that comes up to keep us from taking action. So, is there a real reason why you want to wait? There might be and if there is, I hope that situation goes off without a hitch. But if there’s not, I want you to really ask yourself why you’re waiting to take your life back. Why you’re waiting on investing in you.

I read a quote this morning that said, “Don’t be cheap when it comes to investing in yourself and your goals. If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself, why should anyone else?” And I believe that to my bones. I promise you that this is an investment that you will never regret and that will continue to impact and transform your life for years to come.

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